Ben Ness


Ben has over 25 years experience as both a senior manager and consultant in large, medium and small companies. He has successfully driven new business growth initiatives, developed strategic planning processes that led to significant profitable change as well as improved company-wide efficiency and cost effectiveness. Ben has experience in multiple industries including financial services, retail, e-commerce, construction and private equity. He has held both senior staff and line positions where he has been successful by focusing on building organizations, strategies and functions to meet specific and high-value customer needs.

Ben has most recently completed the turn-around of a large flooring contractor by growing sales 41% and profits by 66% over three years. He served as interim-CEO of an e-commerce travel related company in Las Vegas and as a Senior Advisor for a private equity firm. In addition, Ben has held positions as Senior Vice President at where he designed and built a profitable on-line mortgage business, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning at Ann Taylor Stores, Inc. where he drove a company-wide planning process that led to the creation of a successful new store concept. Ben has also run a $400 million consumer loan portfolio and a $60 million private label credit card business. Ben also served as CFO of an $8 billion division of a regional bank.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York.

Resume of Ben Ness

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