Financing and Capital Planning

Strategic Partners' professionals bring over 30 years of banking and commercial finance experience to deliver financing solutions to clients who seek to restructure existing debt or access growth capital. These solutions enable companies in transition to either work with their current lenders to successfully recast existing credit facilities or refinance existing debt to better match projected ongoing cash flow. Strategic Partners has also worked with growing, profitable companies to secure new financing needed to fund growth and expansion plans.

Financing and Capital Planning Services include:

  • Utilizing an extensive network of senior debt sources such as regional and national banks as well as commercial finance companies to address client needs to refinance and expand existing credit facilities.
  • Presenting clients seeking growth capital to private equity and mezzanine funds.
  • Developing loan and financing packages that will enable lenders and investors to quickly determine whether a specific client represents a good fit. Many lenders and investors appear to offer similar financing vehicles it is the role of Strategic Partners to identify the specific sources that can efficiently solve our client's funding needs.
  • Working with a client's lenders and third party investors, when applicable, to enable all parties to achieve their individual objectives in conjunction with a financial restructuring or capital raise. Strategic Partners has developed an excellent reputation in the financial community for developing sound and equitable financing solutions that can be acted upon by all of the constituent parties.
  • Reviewing client accounting, control and management information systems to ensure companies seeking new financing or a merger partner will be fully prepared entering the due diligence period. Strategic Partners can then assist management to quickly address and fulfill lender and investor due diligence requirements to ensure the best possible outcome. Our client, lender and investor experience should enable all parties to efficiently complete the evaluation process without serious disruption to the day-to-day business needs of the client.
  • Preparing business plans and financial projections that encompass changes that management plans to introduce to its business model and ongoing operations. Utilizing Strategic Partners to assist with the preparation of a new business plan during a period of business transition and growth enables our client to gain an unemotional third party review of any resultant changes to a client's strategic direction and organizational structure.
  • Scheduling periodic reviews of 1) strategic goals and objectives; 2) progress in implementing planned operational changes and 3) investor/lender relationships and future financing needs. Such reviews can be extremely helpful to client business owners to keep big picture issues in focus that are important to the company's future success.
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